Our Story

Where It All Began

My passion for cooking can be traced back to my childhood. I come from a family of 6 children-3 boys & 3 girls.

In those days, food was bought & meals were freshly prepared & cooked daily. My Mum also did all her own baking, including breads & cakes. I helped her do the shopping & cooking & I found it fascinating to see raw base ingredients transformed into delicious wholesome foods. That fascination still remains with me to this day.

Her respect for food & her natural ability to make lovely food from a variety of ingredients inspired me. More than that, it was her consistency of quality day in day out that I now know is not as easy as she made it look. She never used a recipe book but worked from experience, recipes & methods passed down through the generations.

Moreover, the variety of foods which are now “the in thing” in trendy restaurants costing vast amounts were the foods we ate daily. These foods instilled in me a curiosity to try all types of cuisines. I have tried & cooked a huge variety of cuisines & types of foods & this fascination with food remains with me to this day.

Whilst my career path wasn’t always in food, I cooked at every opportunity I had. I was always being told I should work in catering by people who I cooked for. One of my first school summer holiday jobs was working in the work canteen of a major international company. Within a week I was asked to join the team who cooked meals for the Directors Lunches & also prepared the Corporate buffets for meetings. The lady in charge of this side had asked for me to join her team as she said she saw that I had a “passion & aptitude” for cooking. I loved this work as it led me to prepare & cook new types of foods that I hadn’t encountered previously. That experience remains as clear today as it did all those years ago.

About 15 years ago I decided to go into catering professionally, but at the time I had a young family & put my family duties above my passion. Just over 4 years ago, I decided the time was right to follow my passion. I looked at a wide variety of sandwich shops & catering businesses but none “felt right”- I wasn’t after just any business & was prepared to wait until I found the right one. After a year of searching, I found Butties 2 Buffets that was up for sale.

I am proud of our Team, our food & our service, but most of all i’m delighted by the ongoing fantastic support of our brilliant customers.

My food passion has burnt brightly all my life, but burns ever more brightly today.

Of course none of this would be possible without that early influence from my mam. Hence why we have re-branded in her honour. Welcome to Maggie Finn’s.

John Finn

Where We Are Now

All Mum’s are special and I was brought up knowing that “your Mum should be treasured”.

Mum baked her own breads and cakes and the aroma of freshly baked items still lingers with me to this day. This was only bettered by the taste – especially of 2 favourites of mine which were her soda bread and her treacle fruit loaf. 

Her savoury cooking was consistently of high quality too. I can’t remember ever receiving a “bad meal”.  Mum’s passion for providing excellent and tasty food‎ on a consistent basis 3 times a day instilled a love of cooking in me – Though at the time I didn’t realise this.

Like Mum, I too do not work to recipes. I was taught to “work with the ingredients you have to hand”.  The passion for cooking Mum passed onto me burns more brightly with each passing day and my gratitude for what Mum taught me grows stronger too.

Sadly, Mum passed away a few months ago. I was so glad that she lived to see the business named “Maggie Finn’s” as a tribute to her for all she did for her family. She simply gave that wonderful smile of hers when she saw her name and image. The image was produced by a professional artist from a family photo of Mum when she was younger.

Her values are those which “Maggie Finn’s” follow in our approach to affordable quality food and in our professional and friendly service and I’m proud to carry on her legacy.

John Finn

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