Food Allergies

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Food allergies are an abnormal immune system response to food,often soon after consumption, with a range of mild to severe symptoms.
Food intolerances are a detrimental reaction to foods or compounds in foods’, often delayed.
There are 14 Main allergens highlighted by an EU directive that came into effect in December 2014,though as we are aware,there are many more that we have had to cater for. We made the decision to specialise in catering for allergies & intolerances on our buffets a number of years ago.We have found an ever increasing demand-over 90% of our buffets now have food allergy, intolerance or lifestyle requests. In response to this,we have developed a range of our own food products designed for such needs.
We discuss all such needs with our customers so we fully understand what is required. This enables us to come up with the right food solutions.‎ Our aim is to provide foods that mirror “standard dietary” foods as closely as possible.
To reduce the risks of cross-contamination,we have rigorous procedures place when preparing these foods. We care & treat all such requests seriously with the aim of providing a tasty range of buffet foods.


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